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Becca Hisashimoto by emoqueen214 Becca Hisashimoto :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 3 4
BOF FanFic Part III
Eun Jung POV
I have to be more careful, Goo Jun Pyo almost saw me! If he saw me, he would go to F4 and then they would have tracked me down and demanded why I left for America. Though I'm pretty sure they knew the basics of the  fight and break-up. I was walking around; not paying attention to where I was going, and walk right into someone.
" Oh my gosh! I'm so sor-" I stopped apologizing  when I saw who it was that I had run into. Oh god, my luck just wasn't with me today. The person that I had run into was one of the four people that I was desperately trying to avoid. Ji Hoo with an emotionless gaze.
" H-h-hey Ji Hoo. Been a while hasn't it?" I gave him small nervous smile. He continued to stare at me, I grew fidgety. I wanted t run away and pray that he didn't tell the others that he saw me.
" Eun Jung, I'm so happy to see you!" Ji Hoo said, pulling me into a tight hug. I blushed, i had excepted him to run and tell the others that I was here.
" J-j-j-ji Hoo, I'm
:iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 2 0
BOF FanFic Part II
~ Woo Bin POV
" Hey, did you know that there is going to be a new student? I think they start today." Yi Jung said as we walked side-by-side to the classroom that was for F4's use only. A new student in the middle of the year? That is strange. Yi Jung and I  walked in silence for a couple minutes , then a a thought occurred to me.
" Do you think she came back?" I said to Yi Jung but kept looking straight ahead . I heard Yi Jung groan.
" Woo Bin, we have been over this before. She might never come back to Korea. The only time, and I repeat, the only time that she would come back, is to see her father." Yi Jung said, shaking his head frowning slightly. I sighed disappointed. I knew that Yi Jung was only trying to keep me from getting hurt, again.
" I know, but I want to see Eun Jung, if only for a moment." I said, sighing once more, before entering the classroom.
:iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 3 0
BOF FanFiction Part I
Eun Jung POV
I wondered the halls of  Shin-hwa high school. I was cautious as I rounded corners and I looked out for HIM. I didn't want to face him, not yet anyway. I knew that it was trivial to try and stay away from him all year, but I just wasn't ready to face him yet.  I sighed quietly and stopped in the middle of the school courtyard and looked over my schedule, hopefully he isn't in any of my classes. I began walking again, when someone ran rather hard into me, making us both topple over.
" Oh my gosh, mianhae! I didn't see you! Are you okay?" Said a girls voice as she got up and helped me up.
" It's okay. I shouldn't have been standing in the middle of the walkway. Please forgive me?" I said bowing slightly. I looked at her and smiled. She had short black hair and normal korean features.
" I'm Hy Eun Jung. It's a pleasure to meet you!" I said happily, maybe she would be my friend.
" I'm Geum Jan Di."  She said smiling back at me.
" Jan Di! wher
:iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 1 0
[Untitled] Intro
I looked around at the people that had gathered for our mothers funeral. People would walk up to my mothers shrine and wish her farewell,all I wanted to do was run away and get as far from here as I could. But I refuse to let Tohru face the world on her own(at least till she is ready). I felt a small, petite hand grasp my slightly larger hand. I tightened my hold in a reassuring manner. I looked down at my little sister, she was smiling, but you could tell that all she wanted to do was cry for the loss of our mother. Tohru blamed herself for her death.
" Tohru-chan, it wasn't your fault." I murmured, pulling her into a tight hug. Her hands latched on to my back as she sobbed brokenly into my chest. I rubbed soothing circles into her back until she calmed down, she continued to hold on to me and hiccuped every now and again, but she had stopped crying.
" Feel better, little sister?" I said into her hair. She nodded.
" Thank you, Imoto-chan." She whispered
:iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 2 0
Navi by emoqueen214 Navi :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 3 0 New ID 2012 by emoqueen214 New ID 2012 :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 1 3 Reachel Hisashimot by emoqueen214 Reachel Hisashimot :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 5 2 ME by emoqueen214 ME :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 1 0 Ellanore Marionnette Queen by emoqueen214 Ellanore Marionnette Queen :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 0 2 Chip Skylark by emoqueen214 Chip Skylark :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 5 0 Timmy Turner by emoqueen214 Timmy Turner :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 2 0 Insane Tea Maid by emoqueen214 Insane Tea Maid :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 0 6 Thorn Jacaranda by emoqueen214 Thorn Jacaranda :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 1 0 SasuNaru by emoqueen214
Mature content
SasuNaru :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 7 8
SAILOR BLACKHOLE by emoqueen214 SAILOR BLACKHOLE :iconemoqueen214:emoqueen214 1 9


SVTFOE - It was the booty-shaking by byLisboa
Mature content
SVTFOE - It was the booty-shaking :iconbylisboa:byLisboa 211 28
I will wait for you by viria13 I will wait for you :iconviria13:viria13 17,061 1,286 Kara study by plastic-pipes Kara study :iconplastic-pipes:plastic-pipes 257 8 [APH Nordics] Sleep my young love by Enbi-to-Miruku [APH Nordics] Sleep my young love :iconenbi-to-miruku:Enbi-to-Miruku 403 61 SPIDEYPOOL comic Commission by Romax pg1 by Slashpalooza
Mature content
SPIDEYPOOL comic Commission by Romax pg1 :iconslashpalooza:Slashpalooza 330 4
Masquerade Part 1 by Ka-ren Masquerade Part 1 :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 445 42 Spirk by kingbirdkathy Spirk :iconkingbirdkathy:kingbirdkathy 119 22 Pg99 Just Your Problem by Hootsweets Pg99 Just Your Problem :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 1,655 261 Always have to be diffrent... by Pikokko Always have to be diffrent... :iconpikokko:Pikokko 639 45
Accidentally In Love {Maleficent x Diaval}
“What’s this?” Maleficent asked her servant not believing her eyes.
“Flowers Mistress,” he answered matter-o-factly.
“I know Diaval! But what are they for?”
“Oh, they’re for you of course!”
“Oh?” She said not sure how to respond.
“I was told, that giving flowers to someone important to you is seen as a token of appreciation or utter devotion and” he paused and then continued, “many more, soo...  Errrm... I gathered those for you! Do you like them?” Diaval asked shyly, a spark of hope in his beautiful black eyes.
“And what have I done to deserve those?” Maleficent asked clearly astonished by his sudden confession.
“I... Well, it’s because you're very important to me and... and I...” He suddenly trailed off seeing a very dark expression crawling into his mistress’ face. “You know, never mind
:iconarchangelnathaniel:ArchangelNathaniel 43 17
S T A R T by Colours07 S T A R T :iconcolours07:Colours07 1,312 93 No One Knows. by Colours07 No One Knows. :iconcolours07:Colours07 182 22 A Little While by Colours07 A Little While :iconcolours07:Colours07 789 58 Blushes by Colours07 Blushes :iconcolours07:Colours07 264 13 S U N S H I N E by Colours07 S U N S H I N E :iconcolours07:Colours07 1,482 151 Do I Get Chocolate by Colours07 Do I Get Chocolate :iconcolours07:Colours07 467 22
OHHH HOW I LOVE MY FAVES!!!! :heart::heart::heart:




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